Traqo - Sim Based Tracking

Sim Based Tracking is Cellular based tracking technology where you can track your market vehicle in realtime with:

  • No Hardware
  • No Internet
  • No GPS

Just only with driver's phone number. ;)

How to use Sim Based tracking for truck tracking?

You can use any for follwoing method to track your market vehicle

  • API Integration:Seamlessly integrate Traqo's tracking capabilities into your existing systems. Link
  • Mobile App: On the go? Track your vehicles instantly from your smartphone. Link
  • Web App: Access comprehensive tracking data from the comfort of your desktop.Link

Real-time Vehicle Tracking with Traqo

In today's fast-paced world, keeping track of your vehicles is more crucial than ever. But what if you could do so without the hassle of hardware, internet, or even GPS? Enter Traqo's revolutionary Sim Based Tracking technology.

No Hardware, No Internet, No GPS - Just Pure Innovation

With Traqo, you don't need any costly equipment or advanced setups. Our cellular-based tracking technology allows you to monitor your market vehicle in real-time. The secret? Just the driver's phone number. It's that simple and efficient, making vehicle tracking accessible and affordable for everyone.

Multiple Tracking Methods for Your Convenience

Whether you're tech-savvy or prefer traditional methods, Traqo has got you covered:

Why Choose Traqo?

  • Savings: With no need for additional hardware or subscriptions, Traqo offers huge savings for businesses.
  • Easy Setup: In just a few minutes, you can set up Traqo and start tracking your vehicles.
  • Real-time Alerts: Receive instant alerts for key events like starts, stops, and unauthorized unlocks.
  • Extensive Reports: Get detailed reports on driving patterns, fleet performance, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I track my car without a tracking device?
    With Traqo's Sim Based Tracking, all you need is the driver's phone number. No additional devices required.

  • How can I track my car in real time?
    Traqo offers real-time tracking through its API, Mobile App, and Web App solutions.

  • Is there a GPS car tracker without a subscription?
    Traqo's tracking is based on cellular technology, eliminating the need for GPS or costly subscriptions.

  • How can I track a car with a cell phone?
    Simply input the driver's phone number into Traqo's system, and you're good to go!